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Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

Its very useful info thank you! It means that PC-98 at least have one 3d accelerated game i found only video cards for this platform like: NEC Mystique (MSI API) NEC PCX1/2 (PowerSGL API) probably other card(s) for PC-98 that deliver 3d graphical API(s) also exist? Seems PC-98 is the same IBM PC MS …

Re: The Wrapper Collection Project

i propose to archieve this one and add to wrapper collection project: Macintosh: QD3D RAVE QuickDraw 3D Rendering Acceleration Virtual Engine: (Probably Wrapper is a https://github.com/jwwalker/Quesa) Glide: (Wrapped https://sourceforge.net/projects/macglide/) Amiga: Warp3D: (wrapped http://thellier …

Re: 3d accelerators on other platforms not PC

from wiki Unveiled by Sega at June 1994's Consumer Electronics Show, the 32X was presented as a low-cost option for consumers looking to play 32-bit games. It was developed in response to the Atari Jaguar and concerns that the Saturn would not make it to market by the end of 1994. Though it was …

Re: ATI TruForm

What is name of this game?) Also i discover there is somekind of truform technology from nVidia NVidia Quintic-RT (or RT-Patches) OpenGL ext is GL_NV_evaluators (the ATI TruForm competitor at time)

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