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Re: Shadow Warrior + Glidos

to be honest i not mentioned that i just can\t even run 3dfx version of shadow warrior inside glidos. is that i mean about it will be beautiful if that get fixed. Steps: 1. run game 2. try blood fix - most likely it should work 3. if blood fix willnot work for 3dfx shadow warrior, i fell it can …

Shadow Warrior + Glidos

Can you please develop a fix for Shadow Warrior the same way as for Blood. The game is uses BUILD Engine same as Blood , two games on same build engine. They seems uses same 3dfx buggy aperience, Shadow Warrior tries to draw vertical strip lines same way as Blood. I guess it will be not hard, since …


ntvdm64 is something like virtualization (like Windows XP ntvdm) it works faster than dosbox (since dosbox is emulating ), and emulation is slower than virtualization. mybe your cooperation with leecher will give best fps/performance for dos glide games. I also wanted to run Pyl but i can't start …


dgvoodoo (the first one 2007 ) can also run dos glide games , it also crashes often on ntvdm64 side and just about two times at dgvoodoo itself , so it makes me guess its ntvdm64 didn't want to be friend with glide2x =)


Hello, i installed NTVDM64 and it cant run Blood or Tomb Rider with glidos it always crashes , i think it maybe due to ntvdm64 and glidos cant do passtrough for glide2x idea is cool but fails. If it possible to fix it would be super cool for redguard and pyl , because heavy slow games for dosbox. i …

Re: PCem v17

Thank you so much, PCEm my most favorite project, and most hopes goes for it , its also one of two reasons that i started collecting video cards, and hoping that video cards being emulated. Its all about https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=33483 And forgive me please, i just being one time moron …

Re: ATI TruForm

Far Cry.------------------------------ddraw,d3d9.eax,opengl,npatches?(ati truform),a3d. Serious Sam The Second Encounter Serious Sam The First Encounter Return to Castle Wolfenstein Counter-Strike

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