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Re: Hardware Pictures

in Milliways
i send Amigaz a PN with the picture he wanted i dont have a HD-Camera but you can give me one and i buy a 486 😁 something with white background

Hardware Pictures

in Milliways
maybe one or two know me from other forums and know that i not only have a penchant for old hardware (most 3dfx), but also making photos of it. i sped a lot of money for my photo equipment and i think its worth it. the perfect desktop wallpaper, this resolution should be enough for the most monitors …

acrylic display stands for PC add-on cards

in Milliways
in had let make some acrylic display stands for my graphic cards because this here is an forum with a lot of collectors of old PC hardware i am sure here are some also interested in this stands i send them a sketch and ask for a price and they say 75euro for ten and i agreed acrylformen@gmx.de …

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