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Re: What game are you playing now?

Yesterday I played and finished Leisure Suit Larry 1 Apple IIGS version via ScummVM, the same game but the enhanced version on original Macintosh computer with Roland MT32 and I started also Police Quest 1 Apple IIGS version via ScummVM.

Re: Blackthorne versions

I found a PC CD version of the game which seems that the CD is filled especially with demos of other games but I couldn't run it yet. So, does the PC CD version has audio music? However the floppy version is fantastic with Roland Sound Canvas. Macintosh version has a sympathetic midi music if you …

Re: MT-32 and Spellcasting 101?

Well, i haven't found solved the problem with Roland on these following Legend games: S101 S201 S301 Companions of Xanth (floppy and cd) Gateway 2 Spellcasting series are from the cd collection, all three games with install file and also a Roland MT32/CM 32L option for music. I use Keropi's PC Midi …

Re: Atari St Games and Roland CM500

Ok. There's no problem with that. I will probably try both (Roland CM500 and a Real Roland MT32-old version) with my Atari. I am still in the beginning, I bought an Atari STF two months ago. I don't even have a Sierra Online game. I like the fact that the Atari has midi ports and it doesn't require …

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