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Re: 2024 - End of the era of Retro Computing Youtube channels?

in Milliways
So I didn't read all of the pages yet, but about LGR he recently did make a new thrifting vid which was fun to watch, but also explains exactly that the reason why he doesn't post a lot of these anymore is because thrift stores barely have anything worthwhile retro-related anymore. I'm experiencing …

Re: Did you create maps for games?

in Milliways
I spent WAY too much time with Duke 3D and later Qoole. I finally had to remove it all and say no more. I've heard of people uninstalling mmorpg games, cancelling online membership/payment for games and the like because they were taking up too much time and/or absorbing too much resource - but not …

Re: Vogonians , how do you deal with fatigue?

in Milliways
Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman wrote on 2023-07-23, 09:26: I found the best way to deal with fatigue is physical exercise, for which I unfortunately don't have much time. But I tried to walk or ride my bicycle whenever I can. I agree 🙂

Re: Passive cooling on a Geforce2 GTS?

Just an update, the little fan i ordered from ebay got returned to sender for some reason so i did this instead. Kept the Geforce4 mx heatsink on the card Took the fan off a 9400GT that i wasnt using. Cut the wires, then cut the wires off a random USB cable, and spliced them together. Attached the …

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