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Re: General Midi in Xcom games.

I have an interesting problem with X-Com 1 and 2. Enemy Unknown doesn't have sound at all. Nothing. No effect, and no music either. I've tried different settings of course from the setup. TFTD has sound effects and FM music as well, but cannot initialize my external Roland SC-8820 module. All I can …

LFN tool

Hi all I've got an another question. Is there a tool, for access all kind of directories / files under a network share? From Windows 3.11, I cannot see all of the files due to different kind of limitations (invalid characters, more then 8.3 names, etc). I've tried DOSLFN, without success.

Re: scsi cards

That not a SCSI card that a Network Card I think that was used as a Hub Management Interface That would be sad, because I don't need a NIC. :sad: From first look, it's absolutely an SCSI card. Has it's own bios, cpu (which according to google, was used in scsi cards), 50 pin scsi-like internal …

Re: scsi cards

I did not wanted to open a new topic, instead of let me ask my question here: Anyone can recognize this SCSI board? http://n1.vatera.hu/photos/8f/15/c975_1_big.jpg It's seems to be Novell made. It has i80188 CPU, boot ROM, 50 pin internal connector, bla-bla-bla. But nothing like an exact type-label, …


AudioPCI does everything in software. As every other PCI card, without BIOS. When I got my first AudioPCI, I've got a AMD K5-100, and I had no issue with software / performance. And as far as I remember, it worked perfectly from native DOS. he MIDI synth in particular is quite limited in quality …


Anyone have one or at least used one? Yep, I have...but I borrowed it for sound card tests, not mine 😉 Not tested yet though, but I assume that it will sound exactly same as the other AWE cards. SNR and other quality parameters will be much better hopefully.

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