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Re: DOSBox debugger

jmarsh wrote on 2024-05-23, 22:14: Regular DOSBox builds do not use static SDL libraries. Ok. Sorry. I thought it was statically linked in the normal version because I didn't remember seeing the DLLs there, but upon looking at it again, I see it does have the DLLs there.

Re: DOSBox debugger

I just downloaded dosbox-74-3-debug.exe and it says it's missing SDL DLLs. It seems the normal version of DOSBox was compiled with static SDL libraries, but the debug version of DOSBox is compiled only with import libraries mode, expecting external DLLs to be supplied separately. Also it's expecting …

Re: Guide to the DOSBox debugger

[*]Unlike the debug version, heavydebug does not use INT 3 to realize breakpoints. This way, they cannot be removed. So if you want to use breakpoints, heavydebug is the better choice.[/list] Wait how is that an extra feature? If the heavy debug version takes AWAY the ability to use INT 3 …

Re: DOSBox debugger

if you have experience with debugging you can try the DOSBox debugger It can be downloaded from: DOSBox debugger EXE 0.74-3 DOSBox debugger EXE 0.74-2 DOSBox debugger EXE 0.74 For information on how to use it: Guide to debugger I have a question about DOSBox Debugger. How do I make it respond to …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Please post all questions concerning DOSBox ECE in this thread for now on, so we can keep other threads tidy and on topic! I compiled a build of DOSBox ECE for Linux. Consider it highly experimental, since I only run Linux in a VM, I can't test all the features, because the VM is lacking hardware …

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