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Re: Dual socket 7 build

A lot of these difficult-to-track-down hangs and crashes are screaming "bad RAM", or at least "un-cooperative RAM" to me. As you know, I have the same mobo in my Dual-S7 system. I had a lot of issues with my board at first, it took me hours of trying out different RAM before I found a set that works …

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

I dunno if I'd really consider most of these gripes/moans "confessions". So I'll go. I confess that when I moved from a house to a small apartment, I took no less than SIX functioning PowerMac G5's to the garbage dump's e-waste section. I tried selling them, I tried giving them away, and gave up out …

Re: iPad Windows Alternative ?

Ah yes this thread. The smugness on both sides of the conflict are endlessly amusing. Keep up the good work. You know who you are. ;) I will say this: A Dell XPS laptop issued to me by my employer in 2017 has developed quirks in the trackpad and keyboard. My girlfriend's 2018 Acer laptop has …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

truemaster wrote on 2020-09-13, 08:00: the way i see the opl chip on this awe64 legacy board it will sound just like it did on sb16. problem is is cqm isolated muted if you like on all situations? When you initialise the card with UNISOUND, you move CQM to another port, or disable it entirely.

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

And, btw, the BIOS listing will only list PCI devices IRQs. (Non-PnP) ISA IRQs are H/W based, BIOS knows nothing about them (exception: those devices which are configured in BIOS, which is possible only in modern BIOSes - and usually includes the already mentioned COM and LPT ports). Aware of this. …

Re: Vogons Driver Library Downloads throwing a 503 error

I'm trialling some anti-abuse mechanisms, based on IP and some other client fingerprinting stuff. I've shortened the timeout and increased the number of downloads threshold. If you still can't download files, DM me your IP and I'll suss it out. Happened to me too. Pretty sure it's a quota thing, …

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