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Re: Glidos & TR audio packs: what am I doing wrong?

I'm not giving up, I'm going to continue trying to solve this. Hm... so have you found out the cause of that "schizophrenic situation" at last? :wink: As one of the few XP-Users out there this topic has caught my interest AND besides this it really sounds weird and implausible... 'secret' sound Why …

Glidos 1.48

Hi Glidos, 😁 Would there be any advantage for me using Glidos 1.47 currently just for playing TR1 on my system by switching to version 1.48? 😮


Hello, 1.) I wonder why my GLIDOS ID has suddenly changed on the same PC? Now there is 1 unlock code wasted already but I havent't changed any hardware. What has happened? :depressed: 2.) How many unlock codes does the service allow to create at the same time? 3.) Is it possible to have the "wrong" …

Re: Ntvdm.exe

Hm... so all I can do is set on the hardware. 😖 Ok. Anyway, thanks so much for GLIDOS that makes it possible for us to play especially Tomb Raider 1 with similar graphics of the following classic games on PC. 😁


Hi :happy: More a minor problem yet annoying: Everything works fine, but Ntvdm.exe causes 40% CPU - still no problem but the CPU-FAN runs like a thief - thats the problem - noise. :-( The idle CPU-Temp is 55°C and all silent. As soon as the games starts it goes to 62 - 63 and the FAN starts to …

Re: No background sounds = TR1-Installer-bug?

OMG! :shocked: It's really the tomb.exe from TrAndUbForGlidos.exe itself that causes the problem. I tried it with an older 3dfx-tomb.exe version and the background sound went on! As I'd like to play with GLIDOS I don't want to replace the Kevin Bracey's version with the original one from the CD but …

No background sounds = TR1-Installer-bug?

Hello. Glidos 1,45 (Trial) No Audio-Ads No Texture-Ads VDMSound 2.1.0 (Gamepad support!) TrAndUbForGlidos.exe as Installer for TR1 TR1 CD@German XP_SP2 Soundchip CMI8738 GF7950GT IP4@3,06GHZ 2GB RAM I just want to play TR1 from CD with the VDMSound gamepad support and background sound and I don't …

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