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Re: VIA AC'97 Sound Blaster drivers for MS-DOS?

On really fast machines it's much better to use a covox sound-device in plain Dos. You can play some games with it. There are some games that will still make problems with sweepinging noises on too fast machines (pinball-fantasies) but you can have fun with games and some scene-suff (demos/intros/ …

Re: Program that searches words inside multiple files

in Milliways
Although I've been exclusively on Linux for years now, there is one super-fast search tool that I relied upon back in my Windows-at-work days: Agent Ransack . I remember it being fast . Much faster than Windows' built-in file search functionality. That's why a co-worker recommended it to me back …

Re: windows 9X: how fix memory error?

in Windows
The patch that Repo Man11 referred to is called PATCHMEM, and was written by the late Rudolph R. Loew . I found two memorial sites on-line: * https://rloewelectronics.com (maintained by family members) * http://lonecrusader.x10host.com/rloew/rloew.html (maintained by his friend LoneCrusader ) The …

Re: Current status of VirtualBox's legacy support

in PC Emulation
You might want to take a look at javispedro's work: he developed an extension pack for VirtualBox called "VMusic", which adds support for emulating "popular" music devices, including OPL3 (based on the accurate Nuked OPL3 emulation code), but also MPU-401. and even AWE. See this Vogons thread here: …

Re: Backing up old Java games and applets

One notable Java game that I remember playing as an applet was Wiz3. It's a 2D platformer featuring a wizard that needs to collect potions and stuff, and avoid baddies. The graphics and sound are surprisingly good. The game has a cosy retro arcade vibe. More info about the game and a download link …

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