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Re: A question about a bat file that I made

The 1st try, the string (-c "sc2kcht2.exe%file%" ) didn't work. I got an error message. I changed the string to (-c "sc2kcht2.exe %file%" ). 1. a space between the exe and the %. 2. I left out the .sc2 when I typed in the file name. The 2nd try, it worked. 😀 Again many thanks

A question about a bat file that I made

I made the following bat bellow to run SC2KCHT2.EXE via DosBox. The program is a hex editor for SimCity 2k dos version. The bat file works fine except for the last cmd. Right now I have to enter the last cmd manually . c:\dosbox\dosbox.exe -c "cycles auto" -c "mount c c:\games" -c "c:" -c "cd maxis" …

a way that I got old MSDOS games to work in Win

1st my current sys is a Dell Inspiron 15-3541 laptop, OS win10 Home 64bit. I had to upgrade the OS from Win 7 Home 32bit because a new game "Postal Redux" need the 64bit to run. Anyways I would like to share the bat file setup that I made bellow. It took me almost a year to get the bugs out of the …

Re: a problem with the dosbox cmd full screen

:D IT IS FIXED. I swapped the screens. The tv/extended screen is physically on the left side of the laptop. But to move the mouse to the extended screen I had to go off the right edge of the laptop screen. By swapping screens in the Windows display setting I now move the mouse off the left edge of …

Re: a problem with the dosbox cmd full screen

If I switch the monitor switch to only 1 monitor then there is no extended screen period. What do you mean by "change (virtually) positions of laptop and tv"? Sammy wrote: can you change it to 1 Monitor only and try Dosbox again? or can you change (virtually) positions of laptop and tv?

a problem with the dosbox cmd full screen

My flat screen tv also services as an extended screen for my laptop OS Win7 Home 32bit. I use the extended screen if I wand to display a map while playing a game, displaying instructions while working on a project and so on. When playing a DOS game with Dosbox in normal mode everything is fine. But …

Re: a problem with a dosbox cmd

Thanks. I forgot about that. The answer was to close to me that if it was a snake, it would have bit me. 😀 😁 Qbix wrote: replace the \ with a space in the cd command. \ is interpreted as that you want to enter a top level directory, instead of a subdirectory of a directory

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