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Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

ISA slots' signals are in parallel therefore having more ISA slots is just a matter of plugging an old ISA slot riser or similar backplane to have more ISA slots when needed. Even though i did what you described by adding a 2 slot backplane to my main machine motherboard, doing this type of thing …

Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

Hello there! I've been rocking out an Orpheus II prototype with great results so far. This is a "dream come true" card for me. Its pretty much if you had an Orpheus 1 + a GUS PnP . That setup however takes 2 ISA slots while this card obviously takes only one. You know that motherboard you wanted to …

Re: Dune "HERAD" Ad Lib Music Hacking

in DOS
Hello xcomcmdr, many thx for the util! gonna try it , got delayed by moving house problems… I tried this already, unpacked the DAT file and replaced the DNAGD.HSQ file for the patched DUNEAGD.HSQ from the floppy version. I packed the file with the HSQ tool first of course. The game ran, but there …

Re: When PC became soulless for you?

in Milliways
Back in the day, in 90's, Amiga 'elitists' considered IBM compatibiles inferior machines that lacked soul. Here, in Poland, they even called PC 'clones' and their users 'clonards'. Amiga fanatics can be annoying as fuck. Let's face it, the Amiga was a multimedia PC ahead of its time. Great …

Re: Anyone use a Terratec Maestro?

I own a Maestro 32/96 and it is a very nice card. A must card for Terratec card lovers and a one of the best options for people who don't care much about FM. You have th einternal MPU which is kind of like a Turtle Becah Cancun, same samples AFAIK, and you have the option to install a second …

Re: Su 25 : Soviet Attack Fighter steering

in DOS
has somebody any good advice for the best way to steer the plane? According to my experience (36 hours) of flying real airplane: 1. Keep an eye on airspeed. Don't let airspeed drop below stall speed +10 kts. 2. Too much bank. Try turning with not more than ±15° of bank. 3. Don't pull so hard on a …

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