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Starflight 1 and 2 on DOS 7.1

Starflight seems to suffer a problem where it refuses to load by asking user to "Place disk with STAR2A.com into any drive and press any key." Searching the web, i found the following explanations, from an archived oocities page: Hello. One bug I encountered with StarFlight on a Pentium PC running …

Re: ISA sound card for lucas games?

LucasArts games range from Maniac Mansion to The Dig and in between there are a million different sound standards to take into acount. However, for these games you want to have the following: 1. Decent Adlib/Sound Blaster compatibility 2. No MPU-401 Bug 3. MT-32 MIDI support 4. General MIDI support …

Re: Recommend me some gold old DOS games?

in Milliways
you're all incorrect Black Gold Blake Stone Aliens of Gold Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday Champions of Krynn Curse of the Azure Bonds Dark Queen of Krynn Disney's Duck Tales The Quest for Gold Epic Pinball: Pot of Gold Falcon Gold Gateway to the Savage Frontier Golden Axe Gold of the Aztecs …

Re: Why is Voodoo 3 so popular?

Good card but i was disappointed on how games can't use for VESA stuff. Tried several versions of UNIVBE and even that UNIVBEFIX or VESAFIX and still couldn't get games to work. Same problem with the Banshee, so decided to settle ob integrated S3 Trio + a Voodoo 2. This of course all in DOS, in …

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