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Re: CRT monitor repair

Wow thanks old thrashbag I am sure that service manual will come in handy. I have uploaded some pictures here http://www.mike65.ukfsn.org/main/uploads/files/crt2/ I suck at taking photos but in 5390 those three resistors have burn marks around them. The board its self is where all the power goes …

CRT monitor repair

I have a compaq p1220 which is just a rebadged mitsubushi 2060u. It stopped working one day and now just flashes the amber standby light. I have tried new vga cables, power cables, graphics cards, praying, leaving it off for a day. But none of this worked it just flashes away. It was a great crt …

no cdrom in restart in ms dos mode

in Windows
Hi Fresh 98 install, i restart in ms dos mode but have no E drive (cdrom drive) I have mscdex but my config.sys is empty so I dont know what device to load for my cdrom drive.

Few problems with quake 2 and duke3d

in PC Emulation
First of all its not really a problem with duke3d just an annoyance. I have the atomic edition and it requires the cd to be in the drive at all times. No data is read off the cd. Theres a 400 odd mb file in \support\ that is refrenced in a file called cdrom.ini in the duke folder, i have tried …

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