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Memory error - Dark Forces

I'm getting an out of memory error in dosbox. I'm trying to play dark forces it requires 8megs of ram, and I have it set to 32. Is there a way in dosbox once loaded to see specs like how much ram is there so I can see if the conf is even getting loaded?

adosbox - android - help

Hi, not sure iof this is the right place but i got all my windows dosbox help here,... Anyway I am trying to run adosbox on my android tablet, and it is working fine.. but I can not find the directory that it is in stalled in so i can edit the conf file to point to were i want my c: to be mounted …

[SOLVED] - Question about DosBox on xubuntu

Hi there... I have recently installed xbuntu on a laptop.. DosBox is installed fine and runs and everything... but I am confused at how I am to edit the conf file. When I ran dosbox on PC, I would install it, then in the console type config -writeconf dosbox.conf and then open that file dosbox.conf …

Re: Problems with imgmount and *.IMA files.

um... I just have VFD set to load the floppy as y:\ .. I have tried it as a:\ using mount a a:\ -t floppy but these games just freeze during the floppy check (please insert your original disk into a:) I mean I got thexder to work by just downloading it form a abandonware site... (yea i know) but the …

Problems with imgmount and *.IMA files.

Hi there... I no longer have a 3.5 floppy drive, so I got a mate of mine to use winimage to make of some of my old games for backup. The problem is that I can not seam to mount them in DosBox, I thought DosBox supported this image format? I am using this command (for example) imgmount a c:\games\ …

Realms of Chaos - Apogee

Hi... I am trying to get Realms of Chaos working in DosBox. I currently have version 0.73. I have pretty much never had any problems in DosBox, and have in fact never even altered the original config file... every game I have tried has just worked perfectly... The problem is that this game seams to …

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