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Re: DosBox FAQ

It looked as though DosBox would be of great value to me. Getting it to do what I wanted presented a problem. I opened the README file. It started with FAQs. None of the questions was about my query, so I closed the file. Now, I do realise that there is more information there, but don't find it as …

Re: Editing files in Dosbox directory?

All most helpful, and interesting. Don't feel so bad now about my ingorance. (I don't use DosBox for any games. Only for personal applications written over many years in QuickBasic and dBASE 5 For Dos. Far more files than I care to even consider re-writing in a more "modern" language!) But, thaks to …

Re: Editing files in Dosbox directory?

Right! If I search for "DosBos", open the folders in turn, go via c:\..etc. then the config is not there! However, as previous reply, opening with "all programs" there it is! So, my only excuse is that the usual (for me) way to find files failed. Very sorry all for the trouble caused. And many …

Re: Editing files in Dosbox directory?

Yes, I did download from the DosBox site. It was the version "windows", no XP, 7 or any qualification. There is, of course, the folder DosBox-0.73. There is no file, or anything, "config" in that folder. Which is where I came in! If something failed to download, perhaps I should uninst. and start …

Re: Editing files in Dosbox directory?

THat's the problem! There is NO mention of configuration anywhere. Folder or files. In the Dosbox folder there is only the exe files, some .txt ones and and two .dll's. When I run dosbox, there is autoexec, which I can't edit, and some .com files. But nothing like config. There must be something …

Re: Editing files in Dosbox directory?

Many thanks! But. I had read that, and tried it. When I enter any combination of write.... conf.... -write.... or indeed anything other than those words listed with DIR command, all I get is illegal command: and whatever I have entered. I must be missing something!!!!!!!!!!! ? Wilf

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