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Re: List of Currently Free Games

in Milliways
Prime Gaming *Requires Amazon Prime Subscription Battlefield 3 (Dec 1-Dec 30) Bridge Constructor Medieval (Nov 6-Dec 4) Close to the Sun (Dec 1-Jan 15) Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition (Nov 13-Dec 11) HyperDot (Dec 1-Jan 15) Ironcast (Nov 19-Dec 18) Lost Horizon (Nov 27-Dec 25) Sigma Theory Global …

Re: Apple's T2: Vulnerable and Unfixable

in Milliways
Fans and users don't care about security. I.T only cares if they have to since they are overloaded with tickets from lazy users and tier 1 not knowing or caring how to fill out and route tickets correctly. The amount of Apple users on this forum is extremely low so doubt you'll see much of a …

Re: PC Game Compatibility List

For redneck rampage try BuildGDX https://m210.duke4.net/index.php/42 If you use DOSBox make sure you are using v0.74-3 and that you have updated your video drivers. Use Alt+Enter to switch to ful screen Just like playing the game in real DOS you'll need to setup the game to use the soundcard.

Re: Apple is getting off Intel CPU’s ?

in Milliways
Not sure if such a discussion would go over well on these forums. The apple mentality is to throw away and it's only gotten worse. As long as there are options (throw away hardware and upgradeable) then it's all good. Apple was first to get rid of the floppy drive in 1998 but floppies are still used …

Re: Old List of Free Games

in Milliways
EPIC Dungeons 3 Blair Witch - Nov 5 Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered - Nov 5 GOG Butcher (Free for 48hrs) Teleglitch: Die More Edition For the next 48hhrs starting 11-13-2020 Humble Bundle Kingdom Classic (Redeem before Nov 9)

Re: Browser with built in Flash player

The built-in Flash will be disabled/removed from browsers after Dec...and it should never have been included in the first place. The plugin will still work. You can install the flash plugin on: IE, Edge, FireFox, Chrome and Opera, Safari Supposedly the plugin works in IE Mode in the new edge as well …

Re: iPad Windows Alternative ?

in Milliways
Closed. These forums aren't for this. Go elsewhere for this kind of idiocy. Everyone has different wants, needs and perspectives Use what you like even if you are "wrong", just don't spread it

Re: DOSBox Pure ?

in Milliways
You don't really see very many libretro posts here likely because it has a forum https://forums.libretro.com/ It always amazes me how people blatantly show they are using TDC and then when sites repost they don't even notice or care as well. Someone should ask that dev if they bought the games they …

Re: Apple is getting off Intel CPU’s ?

in Milliways
There is no point in discussions with those affected by RDF so this will be the last from me but: Browsers load "instantly" (yes even IE11) the first time on my Dell Precision 5520 with an i7 7820HQ using Windows 10. My fan doesn't turn on when I load up dosbox (with nothing running in it) on my …

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