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Re: OpenGLOn12

in Milliways
That one post one dxwnd is too conspiracy theory for me. There is nothing wrong with wrappers just shit implementation of those wrappers. There is a reason dgvoodoo,dgvoodoo2,dxvk,MESA3D, WARP are a thing. They are programmed well and work well. Shit driver teams like Intel are the problem. Speaking …

Re: 7970 Matrix Platinum vs. 980 Ti Classified

For nvidia : Try the 35.98 drivers (for scaling) and make sure that if your are using a monitor that exceeds 60hz that you use refreshlock so you can force 60hz when needed if you experience black screen issues if you use a resolution and refresh rate that is higher than hbr1. Refreshlock is needed …

Re: NBlood and Rednukem not working on Windows 10

in Windows
Also I've seen Windows revert newer Intel video drivers to older versions so check if that happened. How newer the drivers should be? On my Intel iGPU it correctly install the latest driver but it's 3 year old. From what I've seen on some Intel video cards if I download the latest driver from Intel …

Re: NBlood and Rednukem not working on Windows 10

in Windows
Newer versions of eduke32 have been breaking things. Try an older version around the beginning of Nov 2021 but not equal to or later than 11/11 as a starting point and then jump month to month. You shouldn't have any issues with BuildGDX Also I've seen Windows revert newer Intel video drivers to …

Denuvo removed from Dying Light 2

https://dyinglightgame.com/news/update-1-9-0/ Community Update #2 (1.9.0) PC | XBOX | PS It’s gonna be Legen-wait for it-dary! Gain new passive abilities and progress faster than ever before, even when you think you’ve reached the end. See what you’re capable of and take your game to the next level! …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Grounded *DRM free for singleplayer I don't play Early Access so picked this up a couple of months after it was released on PC. This is a survival game with base building both of which I tend to shy away from unless the games are really good. Most survival games are too grindy and I hate grind and …

Re: VOGONS github

in Milliways
Currently doing my yearly scan of the games from online stores, copying to my backup folder and verifying what is DRM free, what can be cracked and what can't as well as OS compatibility. Part of this also involves games ports as well so will be updating those on github as I go through the games. …

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