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Re: Windows OPL3 Synthesizer

Screw port 388! The address for the FM synth is at 0x50 of CMI8738. It's compatible with every PCI to PCIe bridge. That's why it worked for me in Linux. I noticed this line in cmipci.c. #define CM_REG_FM_PCI 0x50 example: if your card is at BC00 then the address of FM synth is at BC50. So yea, …

Re: Windows OPL3 Synthesizer

First off, sorry for bumping an old topic, it's only that I need help with setting this up. So I got a CMI8738 card going nicely in my computer (Trust SC-5250) and all that, but I can't get OPL to work very well in Windows. It works just fine in Arch Linux, but for some strange reason in Windows it …

Re: Yamaha MU80

Well,when it comes to DOS MIDI,you should get an MT-32,CM-32L or CM-64.Duke Nukem 3D has GS support,but that is the only game that has GS support in DOS.MT-32 synth emulation is very good,so you might consider getting an SC-55 (I recommend mkII,that one has better sounds).I do not like Virtual Sound …

Roland MT-32 comparison video

So here is the comparison video on YouTube between real MT-32 and emulated one.All I have to say is that I am very impressed by the developers who got this far. (I don't know how to add a embed youtube video in this forum) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRdKeI3VRGo The recordings from a real MT-32 …

Re: Yamaha MU80

If you are thinking about MU80,I would rather have S-XYG50 (which is a soft synth of MU80).Go for SC-55.I've never heard about XS,did you mean XG?

Re: MUNT and Vista/7

I have 32 bit Vista and I want to use it with another emulator.(With Sharp X68000 emulator)On XP,it worked perfectly until I got a newer graphic card,then I had to move on to Vista(It's good as 7 now).But even on Windows 7 doesn't work.

MUNT and Vista/7

Hi! I am new in this forum and sorry for yelling for help already,but MUNT does not work in Vista/7 on my PC.Here is the screenshot. Somebody help,please?

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