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in Milliways
Hi, I haven't used this forum very much in years, but every now and then come in to check on it. I'm very impressed with the new look. I've been using forums a lot more lately, maybe I'll start using this one more often too. Back in 2010, I created a thread for attaching DOSBox-compatible ports of * …

No shift key on Archive.org DOSBox?

Hi, I recently noticed that, only on Firefox and only on certain keyboards, the Shift key does not work in Archive.org's DOSBox games. Does anyone else have this problem or know what to do about it? Also, is it possible to paste keys into Archive.org DOSBox? Example: https://archive.org/details/ …

Re: Story behind your avatar?

in Milliways
I love Roguelikes, particularly older ones as they are more simplistic. (I run http://www.coredumpcentral.org, the biggest Rogue site :) For the longest time I used an Angband screenshot for an avatar, but upon reading this thread today I was inspired to change it to Castle of the Winds, the first …

Re: install ms-dos editor into dosbox

I'm not sure about Windows 8, only 7 and lower, but if you install gVim there is an "easy" mode which works like a regular Notepad. www.vim.org (Note: add "set dir=.,$TMP,$TEMP" to your _vimrc file or you'll get permission errors) Under DOSbox I use Vim (last DOS version 7.3) or elvis.

Re: Artificial Intelligence - how far will it go?

in Milliways
Alongside accelerating levels of mass surveillance, data matching [Big Data, google earth, google glass, NSA, GCHQ, xbox, etc] and lax attitudes to data security that the modern idiom encourages in all of us, I'd say collectively we seem to be heading for a dystopic future pretty much in line with …

Re: M$ to patch 17 year exploit for Dos and Windows

in Milliways
Why would ATM's use a windows OS? I personally have seen a Windows desktop on an ATM screen along with an error message box. :P I remember once during the "Messenger Spam" era, the old analog cable TV listings channel was replaced with a Windows desktop with a Messenger popup and the classical …

Re: Ebay rant - Global Shipping Program sucks

in Milliways
I'll never forget the time I was selling something (non-computer-related), then the item was marked as "purchased", after which the guy told me his address was in Brazil. I was worried, since Brazil was not in the Global Shipping Program and I wasn't about to ship an item to a random address in an …

Re: pclinux

in Milliways
Yes - it set up a swap partition when it installed. I think one of the reasons it was so slow initially was I had it installed on and old 5400 RPM DMA 33 drive. When I changed it to a newer 7200 RPM DMA 66 drive I noticed a BIG difference (and 768 MB of RAM helps a lot too) When it comes to "help, …

Re: pclinux

in Milliways
WolverineDK wrote: XFCE uses more memory than L X D E Never used L X D E. Doesn't seem to be included with Slackware (latest stable version is v13.37). Have to check it out next time I boot into Linux.

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