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Re: mouse problem in Privateer

OndrejSc what kind of a joystick have you got and does control panel trick help you? I am using this circle joystick. The control panel trick does not work for me. I've found this interesting piece of information pertaining to our topic. According to it, Privateer " polls the joystick port ~80,000 …

Re: mouse problem in Privateer

With timed=false, it is impossible to pass joystick-calibration-screen in Privateer, regardless of cycles=auto or cycles=8000. 1. (timed=true) + (cycles=auto) = cursor drift 2. (timed=false) + (cycles=auto) = calibration fail 3. (timed=false) + (cycles=8000) = calibration fail 4. (timed=true) + ( …

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