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Re: Dual gpu pci cards

One huge deal - that quad Radeon is just "four separate video cards" to the OS to run many displays. It does *NOT* support any form of internal CrossFire. If you only have one display plugged in, it's only going to use one GPU. It would be functionally identical to plugging in four dual-head Radeon …

Re: Deyellowing Plastic

The main thing that retr0bright adds is a more "gel like" texture that makes it easier to spread and stay on the plastic. But now more beauty supply stores are selling gel hydrogen peroxide directly, so retr0bright's big advantage is just that it's cheaper to mix than to buy pre-made gel H2O2. The …

Re: AMD drops the mic

Especially comparing to an Intel processor with Turbo off - that's one of the major performance boosters. Half of Intel's CPUs "rated" speeds aren't ever actually run at that speed, they always run at a higher turbo speed. I'll wait for independent reviews. That said, anything that forces Intel to …

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