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Re: How over powered are modern PCs?

in Milliways
I don’t think it is just the assembly that makes it fast, but rather the minimal use of libraries, frameworks and in particular all kinds of abstraction layers. It is not only to “speed up development”, some coders seem to get a kick out of making this “elegant” solution that can do most anything so …

Re: Random weird PC tales

in Milliways
Don’t underestimate how manufacturers can skimp and save themselves some money on cables. I have encountered an HDMI extender over UTP cables that only want to works with AWG24 cables (and they are hard to find, almost no one advertises that spec). All cables I got earlier were AWG27 or 28 and …

Re: Retro paradox?

in Milliways
In the Netherlands it is also sometimes used for subtitles, as it supports transparency. It works because teletext can be updated “live” and the subtitles are on page 888 that is sent multiple times instead of in order.

Re: EGA aesthetics

Some artists had worked with Amiga’s before, and then EGA will look quite harsh in comparison. Even the 16 colors of the C64 look more soft and approachable, but that is of course a matter of taste😉

Re: Should I use .MOD sound files for sound effects?

in DOS
If you strictly mean to use the mod to store the samples, the mod format may not be the best fitted, because the format only allows for 31 samples. An XM or IT might be better then, as you can store more samples. If you mean to use mods because you will use some library that is module-based, some of …

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