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can't get PCI video card to work

So I acquired a PC Chips M918i yesterday, it works fine with an ISA Cirus Logic card, but when testing my ATI Mach64VT it won't post with it, I'm guessing the PCI slots do work because i had to troubleshoot the board and it was sending post codes to my PCI post card just fine, anyone got any idea's …

Re: Project 386-16SX

appiah4 wrote on 2020-07-21, 13:17: candle_86 wrote on 2020-07-21, 13:12: appiah4 wrote on 2020-07-21, 08:47: 8.7fps in doom on a 386SX-16? Were you running it at matchbox size? Sounds impossible for default view size settings. Phil's did bench Doom slow, small view window, lowest settings. I wish …

Budget Isa with windows acceleration

So my Trident 8900c of course stinks in windows, no 2d acceleration, other than it though the system is doing fine in 3.1. I don't need blistering fast this is still a 16mhz 386sx, just an under 35 Isa card that has 2d acceleration Spec's 386-SX16 Trident 8900c 1mb ESS 1868 Sound Goldstar Super I/O …

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