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Re: What do you drive?

in Milliways
The reason I ask is because electric vehicles are said to be much heavier then gas cars. Hence they're prone to wear tires out faster. Within the scope of passenger cars, car weight has little impact on tire wear. More important are tread rating (how soft is the tire), driving habits and proper …

Re: Video Card prices

What are your thoughts? What's going to happen? I sim-race as an alternative for not being able to physical-race and as a somewhat unfortunate matter of timing a 1080, 1080 ti and 2080 ti (all EVGA FTW3 hybrids) in the house. The prices these cards are pulling are crazy, but we're in a bubble state …

Re: Getting current or recent games working in the future

in Windows
As for Windows 10, that's a bit trickier. The last time I installed that, it straight up required me to log in and activate it with a Microsoft account. Hopefully someone better versed than I can come along and tell me how you can get Win10 installed entirely offline without a Microsoft account. …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
Most 7700K are temperature-limited to around 4.8 - 5.0 Ghz and require delidding to get higher. I completed a 3570K to 7700K upgrade last month. I ran the 3570K at 4.5 GHz and my 7700K is temperature-limited to 4.9 GHz for non-AVX loads and 4.7 for AVX loads. It gets in the low 80's under non-AVX …

Re: windows 3.11 share drive problems

Ampera wrote: Try an FTP server. There probably exists a client for Win16. Samba didn't really do much until 95-98, and really was only good on NT5 up. ++ on using an FTP server to move files around. IIRC, the TCP/IP package for Windows 3 includes a FTP client.

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