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Re: Illusion games with dgVoodoo2

Here's a screenshot with the Intel iGPU, I had to turn on "Inherit Color Profile in full screen mode", otherwise it all looked with a yellowish tint. Again, no problems with MSAA turned off, and here's with MSAA set to 4x: SB3Plus xmas 2019-07-18 12-27-03-50.png One thing I forgot to mention …

Re: Illusion games with dgVoodoo2

Thanks for your reply. I rechecked the AA2 thread and the WIP versions post but didn't found anything relating to the issue with SB3, or maybe I didn't understood something. SB3 don't have "Hue" controls, so that can't be causing the texture issues in it. It also happens on my Braswell Intel HD …

Old ILLUSION/Dreams games with dgVoodoo (NSFW)

Hi there. First of all, thanks for this wonderful wrapper. I was following the discussion in the WIP versions thread until it got closed, specifically, the topic about "Artificial Academy 2" not being rendered correctly . Since I didn't see it mentioned anywhere else, or maybe I missed it, I want to …

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