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Ultima IX issue - Lag on loading books

in Windows
I don't think '99 counts as "very old", but I digress.... So I picked this up in a bargain bin the other day. I'm a sucker for first-ish person RPGs. I'd heard how buggy it was, but figured it was worth a try anyway. Other than cruddy control and such, it works fine, except for one tiny issue... …

Re: DaggerFall WinXp (Working)

Great ideas, but I can't seem to get MoSlo 1.4 running with it correctly. It constantly says that it can't find a FALL.EXE with a .com or .exe... and reading the bottom text, it says that even if I could, I couldn't run it with the "Z.CFG" parameter, because MoSlo doesn't allow that. ... any ideas? …

Re: Advice: Realms of the Haunting

I actually did, and it worked. I apologize for not replying earlier about it, heh. So, it's playable, but not great. Still, the game is totally worth it. It's also weird having to have my left hand all the way over there, hehe. 😄 Thanks for the help!

Re: Advice: Realms of the Haunting

I'm trying to run the UK (Gremlin) version of the game, but as far as I can tell, the sticky key problem won't go away, even with the solutions listed above. I don't get much video stutter, but the popping/clicking exists... I can ignore it pretty easily, though. Have there been any developments …

Lands of Lore 2 cutscene problem.

in DOS
Finding help for the other two games I asked about here, I decided to pull out another old gem that I couldn't get working before, Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny. I searched the forums for a similar problem, and found one that wasn't fully addressed, so I decided to ressurect it. http://www. …

Re: Running I Have No Mouth in WinXP

in DOS
Thanks for your help, all is working perfectly now (save some sound glitches that were alleviated by running it through VDMS). Seems I just immediately figured that it couldn't run in WinXP's dos mode, as nothing I've tried lately has. 😄 So I didn't even try it in XP, hehe. Thanks again.

Running I Have No Mouth in WinXP

in DOS
Well, I've had my hand at this for a while, so I figured I'd toss it to you like fish to sharks or something. Anyway, I've tried DOSbox and VDMS now, to no avail. What little progress I have had consists of corrupted graphics appearing at the top of the screen with a wacky screwed up palette. It …

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