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Re: DOSBox being sold commercially for profit?

in DOSBox General
Actually, you could probably get away with license changes without the express agreement of all contributors if the terms of the change would not "materially affect" them. Of course it'd still be unethical, even if a judge's ruling would end up being "no big deal, stop bothering me about it".

Re: Test MIDI data for Munt (con't)

The MT-32 is not just a synth, it's also a MIDI standard . One that predates the actual MIDI standard for synth specifications, called General MIDI . General MIDI was not designed to be backward-compatible with MT-32 specs, so MT-32 files will not sound right on a GM synth; and GM files will not …

Re: How close to real mt32 should i except?

in MT-32 General
Did anyone ever make comparison records between a genuine MT-32 and the Orchid SoundWave 32? (Not sure if this would be better asked here or in the Marvin forum.) The Orchid sound card is how I originally discovered the MT-32 and the reason why I'm interested in Munt now. 😀

Re: Munt Reloaded - Development

Any chance for a 64-bit Vista/Win7 driver? I don't think so. As M$ don't plan to support DirectMusic further, there are no chances of signing the driver compiled for x64. AFAIK, a driver without a WHQL sign cannot be installed on x64 win :( I don't know how helpful it would be, but this MIDI driver …

Munt vs. Pentagram/Exult's MT 32 emulator?

in MT-32 General
Hello everybody; I'm trying to understand a couple of things about Munt. Since 2005, Exult appears to be using its own MT-32 emulator (developed earlier for Pentagram), which, from a cursory glance at some of the header files, seems to be a fork of Munt. Are these impressions correct? If there was a …

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