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Re: Fifa 99 Voodoo 3 Patch

FIFA 99 1.1 patch (FIFA99PATCH.EXE, 1957 KiB) adds Voodoo3 to 3DDATA.DAT (and enable 800×600 with 1024×768 resolutions for Voodoo3, Voodoo2 and Bamschee). P.S. EA Sports games detect Voodoos through Vendor_ID/Device_ID. Try to add Voodoo5 data to the Voodoo3 record: 1) Add 1 to the value of the " …

Re: Voodoo2: video is offset

SSTV2_BACKPORCH=0x21002E? The trouble is -- this variable affects all resolutions and all refresh rates... P.S. http://darwin-3dfx.sourceforge.net/voodoo2.pdf, part 13. Looks like the hardware adds 2 CLK to the hBackPorch value in the register...

Re: DOSBox-X branch

songo wrote on 2022-02-19, 21:13: I cannot run 3dfx-patched version of Blood 1 on DosBox-X. Azarien wrote on 2022-02-19, 22:18: I have the same problem. Other games work but Blood always says that it cannot load DLL. Set ems=false in the DOSBox command prompt (or in the DOSBox menu).

Re: Voodoo 2 DOS Glide compatibility matrix

The theory: static linked games can't use the hub architecture (Intel 8xx and later). The code checks the bus 0 only. And fails the card detection (the hub architecture uses 02 for PCI slots, 01 for the AGP slot and 00 for integrated devices). I not have a Voodoo Graphics so can't test. The theory …

Re: AGP Pro and Voodoo 5 voltages

IIRC "AGP 2.0 only MBs with the universal AGP slot" cases were a) Intel chipsets only and b) Pentium 4 chipsets only (850 and 845). Just to clarify, if you mount a V5500 in a universal slot powered only at 1.5V you will not burn anything Testing your luck can be dangerous. :) Theoretically all AGP …

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