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Re: FIFA 2000 with Direct 3D

Radeon HD3850 AGP is detected "from the box". 1) Add the "D3D=1" string in 3DSetup\3DSetup.ini then try 3DSetup.exe again. 2) Install FIFA 2000 3d setup patch (fifa2k3dp.zip, 335.5 kB). 3) Use the method above. "Thrash driver"="dx6".

Re: POD Gold 3DFX crashes on quit

Err... PodHacks fixes not all POD versions? I will check this... Pod Gold -- 6 *.exes (14 but can't test CIF, SGL, S3D and Max64 variants). Software, d3d and glide. 2.8 patches -- 8 versions. Software, d3d3, d3d5, glide (MMX only). FF patches -- 4 versions. D3d5 and glide (MMX only). Well, glide …

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