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Re: NFS High Stakes D3D6 mode

The game installer won't even install on Windows 2000 and a message popped out "This game only works on Windows 95 and 98." The system ACT database has the Win95VersionLie fix for the NFS4 installer. Tested with WinXpSp3 and ACT 5.5. The game itself needs CorrectFilePaths and …

Re: Do these Windows Glide games exist?

Formula One 99 and Motor Mash are in the "can't force the glide API" list. With Blair Witch Volume II: Coffin Rock, Half-Life: Blue Shift, ICC Cricket World Cup England 99 and Jersey Devil. There are grGlideInit and glide2x/glide3x in the code so maybe the renderer was coded. But I not found a way …

Re: Glide 2.1.1 games and Voodoo 2

I have 1 theory about constant "grSstQueryHardware failed!". P4P800 SE, WinME. Pcirw.exe from the glide 2.1.1 SDK detects Intel PCI devices only. Pcirw.exe from the glide 2.43 SDK detects all. But there is the "bus id" column. With 00 for Intel PCI devices, 01 for AGP and 02 for PCI slots... Maybe …

Re: 3dfx Generation Compatibility

Tested games: 331 winglide and 30 dosglide. V2 SLI + P4 3.2E + 2 GiB RAM + WinXpSp3: All except 2 winglide2x and winglide3x games run ok (some with WinXp compatibility patches). You must use 3.02.02 or 3.03.00b drivers (because of the speed bug). Hind have black screen in the flight mode (there are …

Re: WIP versions

ZellSF wrote: Spellforce doesn't look for d3d9.dll in its directory, just C:\Windows\SysWOW64, and since you obviously can't replace the system d3d9.dll you need to edit Spellforce's exe to point to something else. Try dll redirection.

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