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Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

I was using DOSBox ECE r4447, and upgraded it today to r4481. I've noticed that the line below was removed from the dosbox-ece.conf file: gusrate = 44100 I am supposing that it was also removed from the SVN version. What was the reason behind this removal? Does it mean that the gusrate value is now …

Re: List of Currently Free Games

in Milliways
Since August, Republique seems to be perpetually "free to keep": https://store.steampowered.com/app/317100/Republique/ It's not "free to play", you must add it to your library first, so I assume it should be posted here.

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Why can't you just use armv8l? I did so when I last compiled Retroarch on a Raspberry Pi 4 and it worked just fine and I can use dosbox core in that with dynamic core works fine for the past like 3 years now. This is not about libretro dosbox-core, it about vanilla dosbox . dosbox-core already uses …

Re: Anyone use a Terratec Maestro?

I found a YouTube video comparing a bunch of different sound cards, mostly OPL chips, and he threw in a Terratec Maestro with the Crystal CS4232 chip and it sounds vastly different, but it does sound pretty good in most of the demos. I didn't care for it in Quake. Just curious if anybody has one …

Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

in Milliways
Is there a function to remove a specific conversation which you participated in and are now "following" via the "Your Posts" tracker? I ask because sometimes conversations within a topic evolve and are no longer of interest. I would love a way to remove the flag from something I responded to. Well, …

Re: Reasons to hate modern games

in Milliways
Funny enough, by the "No failure condition" criteria BioShock isn't a video game (in BioShock Infinite you can run out of money though). Don't worry. The publishers have solved the issue now. All you need now is enter your credit card info and then you can buy virtual money through "micro" …

Re: Run Privateer II the darkening

with pcem it runs without the slow downs in space I just installed it in PCem with an emulated Pentium 133MHz (which is the machine I originally played it on back then.) It doesn't have any of the issues there. The 2D animations don't suffer any speedup whatsoever, and the pace of the 3D rendering …

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