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Re: Random questions Socket 7 Machine

in Milliways
As I don't have a 133 CPU I thought about overclocking the 120mhz up to 133mhz. Is not a big difference, so I don't think I would made the computer unstable. BTW, do you guys think it would be necessary to change voltage just for 13mhz? I don't think so. In fact, I have tried to overclock a 75MHz …

Re: Another 486, just for fun.

Congratulations. That's exactly what I have in my mind as the typical 486 of that era. dx2-66 cpu, 16MB RAM, 540MB HDD, and VLB SVGA. I slightly disagree on the cool factor concerning the cpu. It's nice, but in my opionion the blue heatsink dx2-66 is a little better. http://www.cpucollection.se/data …

Re: Socket 7 motherboards and Ebay

in Milliways
I believe that there are two different types of sellers. The normal people that own some retro stuff and sell it, and others that do it for bussiness, getting recycled computers, and selling the hardware really expensive. There may be some cases when somebody uses a really old PC, and when his …

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