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Re: Cheap but well performing PCI 3D video cards

anyone got framerate data for tnt2 m64 or gf2 mx running on a p133/166? how do they compare to voodoo1? I've never seen such tests, but I can imagine that results will be really disappointing. I would expect that avg framerate in games in 640x480 16bit might be even on pair with V1, but I'm pretty …

Re: Cheap but we’ll performing PCI 3D video cards

3. Get yourself a S3 Trio64 for your Socket 7 system and use it for 2D only. Then look for a cheap AGP board and get yourself a cheap AGP GeForce. Easiest and fastest way. IMO that's the best answer :) Boards with i440BX and PIII >= 450 MHz would be preferable but If you want to go on cheap then …

Re: What PCI graphic for specific setup

Have you ordered one of these "chinese" FX5500 PCI (like from Phil's video)? They might not work in old s7 systems... FX5500 has quite high CPU overhead and I wouldn't pair it with something slower than, let say Pentium III / Celeron / Althon / Duron 800.

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