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Re: Are Voodoo graphics card THAT good ?

Carrera wrote on 2021-05-10, 12:38: Is it me or did the 16/22/24/32 bit color thing happen about the time when there was a huge take up on benchmarking in general? Yes, that time when screenshots were rare and explaining why 3dfx 16-bit screenshots do not capture real quality was for the top 1 % …

Re: TNT2 Proi

W.x. wrote on 2021-05-02, 21:40: Is the card exactly same fast at same speed as TNT2 or TNT2 Ultra? I mean when I set core and memory speed at same speed? Yes. 128 bit SGRAM likely with some oc headroom as well. Seen this memory Voodoo3, 183 MHz might be too high. Good card.

Re: S3 ViRGE deep dive

furan wrote on 2021-04-15, 00:30: Good write up. Since the Trio 3D is just renamed ViRGE, why not finish the story with it and how it fixed the blend mode problems/etc? It didn't?

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