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Re: "ATIQuake" miniGL for Q1 & Q2 on Rage Pro

darry wrote on 2020-07-04, 18:02: Putas wrote on 2020-07-04, 17:00: matze79 wrote on 2020-07-04, 13:10: You need at least a Rage Pro Turbo if you want see some fps. Why? Because even the Rage Pro Turbo isn't that great in Quake II OpenGL . https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/graphic- … il-98,64-5. …

Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Intreresting. Why they put 256x256 testing into the 3DMark? Back in 1999 the industry was getting ready for textures of higher resolution. Voodoo3 notably did not, and caught some criticism for that. It is likely 3DMark wanted to make very obvious demonstration how features can affect image quality …

Re: First graphic card with passive / active cooling

Heatsinks became a must for highly integrated chips of 1998- G200, TNT, Savage 3D, Banshee, Rage128... Smaller ones like Voodoo2 set, i740, or G200 die shrinked could do without them. Construction of the card itself is a factor of cooling. Enough surface metal can be an alternative to on-chip …

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