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Re: Table Fog & 8-bit Paletted Textures

The inverse is also true, at least for the hardware I am using to write this message. It has FOGTABLE caps as YES and only way to get them is by editing the driver values. So I was wondering if it was possible to quickly find the cap for 8bit palletized tex too. Not sure what you mean by "caps" but …

Re: Cheap but well performing PCI 3D video cards

Riikcakirds wrote on 2022-11-14, 17:13: The Need for Speed: Special Edition, I run the windows version, it uses directx2, don't know if that counts as 3d compared to the dos version. DirectX is a collection of APIs. The 3D graphics part is Direct3D which is not supported by the game.

Re: Table Fog & 8-bit Paletted Textures

His experiences with the Rage 128 Pro are interesting. That card has dedicated options in the drivers for enabling paletted textures and table fog, but neither of those features worked when he was testing actual games. I wonder if maybe using older drivers could have made a difference? I observed …

Re: My thought on integrated video chipsets

Looking at a newer i810e datasheet I noticed the wording on buffers in the display cache isn't unambiguous. If it can contain more buffers perhaps we should make a test at different resolutions to see which stays inside. This corruption may be ideal for that.

Re: Benchmark suggestions for massive bench test

My main gripe with benchmarks is how repetitive the test selection is. Don't use things like 3dmark unless you have a specific purpose for that. Such results are easy to find. Among games (and game engines!) try to find those not benchmarked. Of course, it is better if the game is renowned, but for …

Re: Riva 128ZX: SDRAM vs SGRAM

386SX wrote on 2022-08-22, 07:36: Interesting, does it get somewhere "closer" to the NV4 chip? I suppose from a basic Riva128 there should be a good jump with this last Riva design, isn't it? I only have the SDRAM version (cheap PCB too) which is interesting but I expected a bit more. I think you …

Re: Your opinion on the ATi Rage IIC and Rage Pro

In reality, the Virge offered monstrous 3D performance for its time (1995) It wasn't available in 1995. Of course 4 MByte Virge and Rage2+ cards had to be used to be actually able to run D3D based workloads. It depends what is the "workload". Virge DX dies above 512x384, but the Rage2+ can go even …

Re: Capacitor replacement rules?

in Milliways
I have a question. Is it safe to replace polarized capacitor with a non-polarized one? I want to do it to because with my simple tools I like the long legs of non-SMD parts. Judging by position on the card I think this one is just smoothing power to memory and it should be safe. But I know little, …

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