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Appimages on Linux For Windows Games

in Windows
I have made nearly 500 appimages on Linux, fully running from the 1997 to 2005 era (roughly) These appimages incorporate the windows installation, the wine version that works for the game and the game itself (including the iso, which auto mounts, if needed) so should be bullet proof as regards …

Re: Converting cue/bin to iso, how to?

so the only way is to burn it right? With Windows there are some virtual disc software that can mount BIN/CUE in its entirety, so you can access the image's data content as well as audio tracks (by software/game or media player). I think WinCDEmu can do that. With Linux (WSL probably also counts) I …

Re: Converting cue/bin to iso, how to?

If you convert bin/cue to iso you will automatically lose the audio tracks If the BIN file contains CD-Audio tracks you cannot convert it to an ISO image! The reason for this is that, unlike e.g. a CD-ROM, the data structure of an audio CD is fundamentally incompatible with an ISO 9660 file system. …

Re: 8k

robertmo wrote on 2021-06-19, 09:23: hdr is just reducing picture quality to 2-bit colour 😉 in the past it was called compression 😉 I think youll find hdr is 10 or 12 bit color.

Re: Moderator violating Community Standards

I do think the OP would have been better to: 1..Sort his problem out in private with mods 2..STOP turning every thread into a qemu fest (even this one) 3..STOP bringing up pcem in his threads when its obviously a decent platform for many people 4..STOP being an attention seeker 5..Grow up. Sorry to …

Re: Moderator violating Community Standards

"Since you mentioned PCem, then I will say that PCem is always a joke, even for this over 20 years old game. You could probably try software rendering, but when 3D acceleration comes into picture, PCem's branded "freaking fast" fake 3Dfx voodoo software recompiler is an utter trash. I don't have to …

Re: Dosbox-x and Linux...

in DOS
Never had a problem compiling this on linux. Just clone the repository and run build-debug.sh making sure you have the dependencies

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