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Hey guys. I'm sitting here next to a massive cardbox box of RAM. EDO, SDRAM, probably some RIMMS in there and some DDR. But mainly it's EDO and SDRAM. All brands, all sizes. It weighs as much as a baby crocodile. I got what I need for my retro rigs, probably got 200+ sticks of RAM left over. Anyone …

Re: Is this Cache?

SHOCKING I have zero notifications have to do the hard workmyself of returning to the this SHEER TUMROIL of off piste discussion! BUT AT LEAST I know now, that I have 512KB COAST. With a IDT brand on it. USELESS that it is to me, entirely. But it looks cool! Maybe I'll keep it. But if someone needs …

Is this Cache?

Hi guys, I found some cache on a stick. Not sure how much cache is on there though. Anyone know what it is? Written on it are : IDT 7MPV6203A REV00 And also : 64KX 64SRAM IDT 702 11540H8146ZJ111772D2DB It's double sided, and on each of the 4 chips, it says : IDT 71V432 S7PF Z9652P

Re: List the PC games that you have beaten

I've been working on Tiberium Sun, works perfectly well under Windows 10 and is free. Needing to consult Youtube though, in order to save my sanity, on some missions. Tiberium Sun is the best CNC of Tiberium, but Tiberium Wars is very fun and big. In fact, the main problem of the RE3 is CNC3. When …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

ODwilly wrote on 2022-07-13, 04:38: The good news is that if I do win it a Thermaltake case will have a system for it and someone on Craigslist can have a cheap Windows 10 machine. Well, in the interest of bringing a Thermaltake case back out from the pasture, I hope you win! Keep us updated with …

Re: List the PC games that you have beaten

All saga CNC. CNC: Generals is amazing!!! On the other hand, Red Alert 3 is so-so. It looks like a porn parody. Thats the appeal. The mechanics suck, there is no doubt! And it lacked the gameplay variation that even RA1 had, in terms of quality. But it's bright and in your face. Lots of things ... …

Re: List the PC games that you have beaten

Wolfenstein Youngblood Movement and weapon handling are good, maps are okay, game is highly repetitive. End game boss is ridiculously hard if you are playing singleplayer. No crashes. Tested the game on my Q9650 and it ran at 60fps at 2560x1440 with all settings at max of course it ran at 60fps …

Re: List the PC games that you have beaten

My Daughter and I, we beat Cat Quest II. An AMAZING game! It was hilarious, wading through enemies with no remorse, and we had a system worked out where I would provide the magic support and she would get hands-on in the fight with her super tanky heavy armour + sword build. Relatively challenging, …

Re: Rollerblade Racer?

in DOS
Muz wrote on 2022-07-02, 09:56: I cannot get this game running in DOSBox, any help? Freeze during intro logo... Never heard of the game, but it sounds hilarious! Could be a bad copy. Dosbox is pretty solid. Try changing sound settings or cycles, or download it from someplace else.

Re: GP 500 Framedrops

in Windows
Thank You Athlon 6000, 6670, Win7 32Bit. Without Compatible Mode, Framedrops begin in the First Lap. And Bike Fly away. With Win98 Compatible Mode, Framedrops begin after 3 Laps. Or at the End on Lap 3. No Bike Fly away. Have Delete GP500. No win7 more. Way too fast bro, for that game. It's an …

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