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Re: Erratic mouse movement

is there a way to do that on s60 cfw when you are already at dosbox? when dosbox launch i can´t minimize it or somehing without closing (or i don´t know how to do) to see running processes with "KillMe" (s60 application) for example i got a nokia x6

Re: DarkSun Games

When i opened "sound.exe" of my darksun shattered lands emulated game on nokia x6 with cfw v21 that i posted in another site, it sais that soundblaster basic have been detected :O ¿so it may be hardware? it worked i can heard sounds but can´t be compared to the pc´s with similar sound.exe settings ( …

Re: Speed problems

in Speedset
hi there, here a man that uses win32 dosbox for x.com: apocalypse, darksun, worms and others without problems :D i love your work men/women i´m now trying to increase the speed of the games in the dosbox s60 v0.73 with the 0.7 virtualkeyboard runnin yet, on my nokia x6 with cfw " universo simbyan …

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