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Re: Collecting rants

Interesting. I just tried to create a buy it now listing on eBay to test this, and make an offer was enabled by default and eBay even filled in a recommend minimum offer amount. Yeah Make an Offer is on by default for my account as well, with a suggested offer price, it used to be that you'd have …

Re: Collecting rants

I think ebay defaults the make offer option to on for non-auction buy it now listings. So unless the seller explicitly turns it off, it’ll be there. I think a lot of sellers don’t notice this, get surprised when they get an offer, and respond by declining. Nope... Make offer is not on by default. …

Re: What was the first computer you ever purchased?

in Milliways
First time I reached into my own pocket to buy a computer for work (guess university counts at work? I possibly did some office work on it as well) was in late '98 - a Pentium II 300 on a Gigabyte 686LX4 , probably 128MB RAM, Viper V330 AGP in an AOpen full tower. Pretty sure it also came with a …

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