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Re: Eyecandy Archive

Is the eyecandy archive down? :o edit: the name does not resolve, crosschecked with mxtoolbox.com, though works when accessed by ip+host header ( It seems to be working for me currently, but I have noticed it not resolve from some locations previously though, which still seems to be …

Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

in PC Emulation
James-F wrote: Thanks Sarah! Added dynamic low-pass filter for SB16/AWE32 DSP playback This is great, might be the most accurate SB16 emulation yet. Still hoping for eventual addition of mic / cd / line-in support.

Re: dgVoodoo 2 for DirectX 11

I've just reuploaded dgVoodoo2_54.zip (as this is the malware one according to Google) and asked for a site review. This all is really frustrating by now, and it's not just about exe packers: dgVoodooCpl gets 5 false positives out of 65 AV's on VirusTotal even in its uncompressed form. What is …

Re: Why 7Z not RAR or ZIP?

in Milliways
I have fond memories of PAR from the Usenet days. I don't remember if it applied its own compression algorithm, but it was an archive format that was great for recovery. I miss being able to reconstruct missing volumes that I couldn't download. PAR files are unrelated to compression. Parity (i.e …

Re: Tech demos - general discussion

Interestingly I'm trying to get the G400 tech demo working on an actual G400 and it used to work (Windows XP) but since changing around graphics cards (had a Parhelia and some NVidia 8400GS card in the PC since the G400) it just goes black screen, you get 1/2 second of sound then dumps you back to …

Re: Kkrieger fullscreen in the resolution 1920x1080

in Windows
I think Farbrausch published the code here... https://github.com/farbrausch/fr_public/tree/master/werkkzeug3_kkrieger ...I'd guess some tweaks could get it integrated into their later demo tool based on the same code... https://github.com/farbrausch/fr_public/tree/master/werkkzeug3 ...which has all …

Re: Kkrieger fullscreen in the resolution 1920x1080

in Windows
It's out of the demo scene and likely uses a umber of odd compressions on the executable, that will probably make it hard to do any edits to the exe. Perhaps something to update some of it's memory values when run, but I'd guess that would also be a pain.

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

...this DOS port though... urgh... the instant I saw the video quality and the copyright in-game, knowing in advance this port came out in 1994, not 1991, I immediately looked into what the REAL game looked like and man is there a MASSIVE difference in quality, not just the video and audio but also …

Re: 4k Dosbox + scalers @6x?

xBRZ is still CPU dependent, I believe, so it's probably not usable for 4k. XBRx5 will get 320x200 titles up to 1600 x 1200, but that's far less than the 2160 rows for 4k and even x6 falls well short. Doubling that is scaled too big 9x is needed ideally scale things, so perhaps something allowing a …

Re: VM for my grandmother

in PC Emulation
I'm normally not that enamored with the MS VM solutions here, but I think they are most likely to allow for the transparent app launch you'd likely hope for here (i.e. click an icon, app starts, click close, it shuts down. No nonsense.)

Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

in PC Emulation
Does PCEm provide support for Mic / Line-in on it's emulated Soundblaster? I'm still trying to find a PC emulator that does, so I can run DOS eyecandy that uses audio input (Cthuga, Aestesis, etc.) It's been 3 years since I last asked. Has there been any progress on supporting Mic/Line-in /w the …

Re: If you fold paper... (wow!)

in Milliways
My grandfather was really huge into math he once told me a story when I was little of a golfer/gambler who would go golfing and start out betting a dollar on who won the first hole and then go double or nothing the full 18 holes and by the end of the game he would have won over $130,000. He also …


You generally shouldn't need to set these in DOSBox. If the software is checking for their presence in config.sys and refusing to run without such, adding a dummy file at an appropriate directory location should resolve that. How is the program failing specifically?

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