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Re: My name is blackmasked and I am an addict.

Like many others. It started off small and tumbles into alot. Like getting hardware you couldn't afford at the time or getting to experience something new to you. Building the best of something vs. Just what's lying around. You can try to scale down your collection and be happy. For me I believe i'd …

Re: New PII build !

LOL, earlier I was thinking why they don't use a diode or zener for shunting but was forgetting we are only using 1v p-p signals most of the time. At sometime I'd like to look at a "good" design vs. a not "good" design. Seems like alot of manufacturers cheapened out during Geforce 1 to 4 series from …

Re: New PII build !

The caps should help any voltage drops from the signal imo Then coils in general are to help resist and current/voltage change Many higher quality cables have shielding and ferrite beads on them. These items are to help with rf/emi I would suspect the caps create resonence in certain frequncies that …

Re: Can't get SB Live! SB16 emulation to work

With a SB Live and Win9x. VXD drivers install SB16 Emulation in device manager (its own windows driver) and if it isn't complaining then it should work. This should work with sound in windows dos. It does NOT work in pure dos or "restart in MS-DOS". The dos drivers(or pure dos) use SBEINIT.com, …

Re: Doom 2 what mods?

http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/downloads/brutal-doom-v20-legacy-edition this might work in win 98. Zdoom will allow more eye candy Theres doom3bfg wad that is doom 2 and nerve.wad from doom 3 bfg game. Freedoom phase 1 and 2 Winters fury Doom the way id did (dtwid) Masterlevels Tnt Plutonia

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