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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

are there any specific games that just look or play better on rendition. Or exclusive rendition titles that are worth playing., The one I know is IndyCar Racing 2 (aka CART Racing) - the Rendition version. I built a Verite retro box a few years ago just to finally see how it looked. Well, it looks …

Re: MiG Alley

in Windows
Have been fooling around with this again hoping that some combination of new GPU drivers, dxwnd updates, Windows updates would improve this state of affairs, but no luck for me so far. Anyone had any success getting this to run on Win 10 in 2019 in anything other than software rendering? I’ve …

Re: VGA card of my first ever PC.

A 1mb Number Nine of some sort. Came bundled with a nice IBM Aptiva I bought 3rd hand about 1995. I remember it was upgradable to 2mb (something that I never succeeded in doing) and had cool "9" and "Number Nine" logos printed on the board. It may have been named something like "Vision" or "Reality" …

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