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Re: IBM PS/2 286

No, thats for something else. Video probably. As for the floppy drives, i'd clean it up with alcohol as best as possible. if that doesnt work, the drive probably needs new caps. This is actually pretty common, especially in the Alps drives. If you have the time, could i get an image of those dos …

Re: IBM PS/2 286

Another question: I noticed that the Clock Crystal Oscillator near the CPU is rated at 48 MHz. Does this mean that the system could potentially support a 20 MHz CPU, or am I completely misunderstanding the concept?

Re: IBM PS/2 286

Nice pickup! Seeing as that particular PS/2 doesn't have Micro Channel slots, I'd recommend tossing something like an SB 1.5 in it. Also, I'd recommend trying to clean the 1.44MB floppy drive. I actually was starting to go through my ISA soundcard collection to see what I had along those lines, …

IBM PS/2 286

I was recently given this unit from a friend. He kept it in excellent condition, but decided that it was no longer suiting his needs for computing. http://i59.tinypic.com/15y9pw7.jpg It's an IBM PS/2 Model 30 286 10 MHz Intel CPU. I haven't double checked the RAM, but I think it was 1 MB. The RTC …

Re: Games you played on obsolete hardware

in Milliways
I have far too many to mention all, so I'll list two of my favorites: Need for Speed: High Stakes on a 486 (or was it a 5x86) Cyrix based CPU @ 80MHz. Even at lowest settings, it was a slideshow. Also ran Need for Speed III on the same system. I'm not sure how it even worked since it supposedly …

Re: Hardware Gore!

in Milliways
I could be very wrong, but a lot of those look either intentional or maybe props. On the other hand, I've seen some crazy stuff when it comes to computers. I never took pictures of it, but my family had an old 486 with a 56K modem in it that got hit with lightning (if I recall correctly). The modem …

Re: Return to BiS

OK. So I have dug up a few more parts and even set aside a PIII to test some of the components. The Motherboard is one that I've listed before and shared pictures of already (GA-6OXET), so I won't bother relisting them. The board maxes at a whopping 512MB of ram. Hence this: http://imagizer. …

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