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PCem killed off

Seems to have come to an end yesterday: http://pcem-emulator.co.uk/index.html I used PCem to run Johnny Herbert's Grand Prix; it struggled a bit on my 2015-era PC, but it's a shame the project seems to have come to an end now.

Re: Pro Rally 2001 wont install

A little bump here: anyone got the Controls menu to actually remember your settings? I tried compatibility modes, but they're just forgotten. And trying a games controller (Xbox360 pad or G27 wheel) crashes the game as soon as you go to redefine any control.

Re: Sega Worldwide Soccer PC Crashes before match

Yeah that game's a bit tricky. Try dgVoodoo2? I've got the game but can only run DirectDraw not D3D (it is possibly to get in game in D3D but the menus are all black!). I've also got Worldwide Soccer 98, a Japanese exclusive on PC, which works fine. I think it came out in US as Worldwide Soccer …

Re: dgVoodoo 2 for DirectX 11

I've just noticed that from 2.55 onwards (2.54 was fine; WIP61 has same issue) that V-Rally 1 is drawing distant tiles floating in the air, they then glide down into place. On 2.54 they seem to be clipped and not visible in the distance. I should say this is the Glide version, at least.

Re: Moto Racer needs 16 bits screen mode

Right-click the shortcut for the game, click Compatibility and choose Reduced clour mode: 16bit. Personally though, I use a ripped version of the GOG release, where they fixed a great deal. I actually bought the Moto Racer Collection pack from anuman.fr, who had the official license at that time, …

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