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Re: The most misleading game intros

in Milliways
I was thinking about this some time ago when I watched the intro of A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzyGhlpH1ks In which you see vegetation attack a glider aircraft, which does not happen in the game as vegetation is entirely non interactive in the game. It's still a very fun …

Tank Combat (City Interactive) mouse issue

Hi, I have this game called Tank Combat from City Interactive, while it works fine as is the graphics resolution is rather low. So I thought to give it some dgVoodoo sause to spice up the graphics so to speak. 😋 It works but the mouse cursor seems missaligned or something but I can't operate the …

Trying getting SEF2000 (Super EF2000) to run on Windows 10

in Windows
Hi, The reason I want the Windows version of EF2000 is because I remember it to have a smoother framerate than the dos version and also with a little luck I might be able to pump up the resolution with the use of dgVoodoo 2. After I managed to succesfully install it using the InstallShield 3 method …

Re: My computer isn't working.

in Windows
Can be anything from connectors or cards not being properly seated to defective components. My first suspect would be the powersupply, if you have a multimeter you can check if you get good voltages on the motherboard.

Re: Most disappointing games?

in Milliways
I know you all are going to shoot me but I HATE all the Dark souls games. They control poorly and simply require a bunch of replay and memorization, terrible gameplay traits. I've tried to play several of these games a few times always thinking I must be missing something and each time I come away …

Re: old movies

in Milliways
You know a lot of crap was made in those days too, we just tend to remember the good stuff. I remember watching a lot of Hitchcock movies but honestly I found a lot of his earlier work stiff and wooden. Gone with the winds? The rope? Citizen Kane? No thanks! Sure there is good old movies but there …

Re: oh when will the price of gpus come down?

in Milliways
With the energy prices rising, mining crypto's isn't profitable so I expect a lot of hardly used mining gpu's come onto the market in the near future. This way I got my RX 570 during the last crypto bear. As for the really new stuff, I don't expect prices and availability to drop significantly as …

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