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Re: OLD NOT NEW List of Free Games

in Milliways
MrFlibble wrote on 2021-02-22, 12:21: Blizzard recently released the Arcade Collection with The Lost Vikings, Blackthorne and Rock'n'Roll Racing, so I guess those old freebie versions were removed for a reason and are no longer valid. Didn't they have the games for free to download on battle net?

Re: Macintosh Color Classic ( extreme )

Yes, Right now I am using a logic board with a 16mhz Motorola CPU, 32mb ram. 5400rpm SCSI hard drive and Ethernet card witch I think is 10/100 mbps. This computer still works good and surfs the internet just fine with Netscape 3x. Originally it came with an 80mb hard drive so I am glad I upgraded …

Re: The Sims 2000 on Windows 10

in Windows
I tried the Complete Collection but it hangs on the loading screen before you get control of the neighborhood, just loops but thanks I requested it on GOG.com's wishlist

Re: MX Linux for dosbox

because trying to install windows 10 as a sandbox requires a Microsoft account, an online account, you cannot do an offline local account UNTIL you sign up and get an outlook account. It requires too much red tape to simply use for sandboxing. I thought MX Linux would be a good choice, but because …

MX Linux for dosbox

Hi, I have switched to MX Linux for DOSBox or dos games because Windows requires too much PII for the Microsoft Accounts, instead of being able to use a local account right off the bat...

Re: The Sims 2000 on Windows 10

in Windows
well I got old equipment for games I don't want to do partitions The No CDs actually work but you got to be careful, I heard Ubisoft used one to patch their games, no joke

The Sims 2000 on Windows 10

in Windows
I'm trying to get the SIMs 2000 working on Windows 10 I tried the original CD which I which I have by the way and it didn't work it went to the menu the CD menu but as soon as I could play you just crash at your desktop I was wondering if there's any tips here but I tried searching for The Sims …

getting AVP2 to work before the patches

in Windows
I used many command lines to run AVP 2 before the official unofficial patch. |lithtech.exe -windowtitle "Aliens vs. Predator 2" -rez AVP2.rez -rez sounds.rez -rez Alien.rez -rez Marine.rez -rez Predator.rez -rez Multi.rez -rez AVP2dll.rez -rez AVP2l.rez -rez custom -rez AVP2p.rez -rez AVP2p2.rez + …

Re: Things you regret giving or throwing away?

in Milliways
If you're like me, you've done this many times. You think you're done with some piece of hardware, so you give it away, or worse yet - you throw it in the trash. Then you realize it was rare, valuable, or special, and you never stop kicking yourself. Case in point: I was once given a Gateway 4DX2- …

Re: Famous computer slogans and quotes ?

in Milliways
i feel depressed and sad that i dont have what it takes to become a millionaire or billionaire... I give to charity, volunteer, and quid pro quo but im not a cheapie or cheapskate to save that much frugally or otherwise. I dont think money is that important to me because if it was i'd be in jail …

Re: Steam could be a cult via Vendor Lock-In

in Milliways
Is it possible to tell if a particular game key has been added to a Steam account without actually doing so? I have a copy of Half-Life: Generations that I got on eBay in 2010, and which I'd like to resell, but I don't know if the code has been redeemed. Not really as soon as you submit the code …

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