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Re: Old Sound Card

in Milliways
JayCeeBee64 many thanks for your post and for the links, that was the soundcard I had back in the day. This brought lots of memories to me, thank you so much!

Old Sound Card

in Milliways
When I bought my first sound card for my 486 back in 1995, it was a card named Platinum 16 and the only thing I remember about it is that it came with the Voyetra sound suite for Windows. I'm just wondering, does anyone ever had/heard/know anything about this sound card?

GOG Games on Dosbox

in Milliways
Hello guys, hope you are all ok. So, I have a dumb question: is there anyway I can buy games on GOG but, instead of installing them as a new program, playing them from within Dosbox? I bought the first Fallout from GOG and have it installed, but it's not the same feeling though. Wish I could somehow …

Re: windows8

in Milliways
Well, I have been using 8 since the official release and so far it's been quite a nice experience. I dare to say that even DosBox runs better on 8 than it did on 7, maybe because MS made a huge clean-up on its kernel.

Re: decentralization of the PC

in Milliways
You kidding, right? The 80's were the 80's, computers evolved, but the pc as we know it today, hardly is going to change. Even Bill Gates said that once. Those NASA stuff, as you described are only in the movies thank God, and I don't know about the others, but i hate cloud, and unless a company …

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