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Re: 3 (+3 more) retro battle stations

@ekb Thanks for the link. Interesting. Do you know if sellers ship internationally ? ------------------------------ Biostar MB-1333C-CH/1340C-CH I usually avoid wide format early 386 motherboards. They are too slow and "rigid" - pain in the bottom to deal with. This one is no different. Been …

Re: Is a Voodoo 2 worth the cost

a Voodoo 3 is nice if you want to play glide games but it doesn't have nearly the same charme that a Voodoo 2 has at least for me, Voodoo 4 and 5 is not that special anymore imho apart from being "rare and expensive" and being able to put a 3Dfx badge on your PC as games in that time weren't really …

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