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Re: Any love for AM2?

IMHO, i prefer a fast Core 2 Duo. Windows XP games do not benefit from multiple cores, and a fast C2D runs pretty cold and overclock like crazy, a 3,3 Ghz easily to over 4 Ghz with default voltage, while still running cool and silent. It beats even any Core 2 Quad for WinXP gaming because of the …

Re: Any love for AM2?

I currently use an AMD FX-60 (same as Opteron 185) as my main system running at 2.8 GHz. The motherboard, an Asrock 939dual-Sata2, also contains an AM2 upgrade slot. I used the upgrade slot and adapter with an AM2 for about 8 months. It worked great and felt a bit snappier. However, after those 8 …

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