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Re: Scanner

in DOS
Dosfreak is right... Even the GIMP (Free graphic editing suite) will give better results in resizing a picture than scanning at a low resolution. Besides, it's easier to edit a big picture with detail, then scale down, and edit to clean up or define things that need it...

Re: Tandy Graphics Mode Artifacts

I think the Tandy graphics and sound detection need some work... I've attempted to run the "Jumpman" disassembly project on Dosbox, and it only runs CGA as opposed to the PCjr/Tandy mode. Likewise, "The Slugger" by MasterTronic at RetroGrade Station is a game I remember playing in Tandy color on my …

Re: Dungeon Keeper Gold

Abandonware is not synonymous with legal. Abandonware is essentially piracy of a program that's old enough to get away with... If it were legal, it would be called freeware - such as "Beneath a Steel Sky"... Dungeon Keeper Gold is on Underdogs. Look here: http://www.the-underdogs.org/game.php?id= …

Re: Advice on building old system

in DOS
Adlib is a sound card (Brrand name) which uses FM synthesys in order to create Music. MIDI is Musical Instrument Digital Interface. MIDI can be played back on an AdLib, with the right software. Adlib does not necessarily need MIDI to output sound though... Adlib was a standardized interface to …

Re: Advice on building old system

in DOS
Make sure you get a real SB16 - So called "Soundblaster Compatibles" are not the same hardware. People who want more sound quality but a few more hassles will get a Gravis UltraSound. SB AWE32/AWE64 are also excellent gaming cards of the era, but can cause some hassles with Soundfonts. If you've got …

Re: Printing in DOSBox

there are a few with both interfaces (My old Okidata OL400e had both), but there were issues with the serial printing - it wasn't as robust. It's also slower... Which is why I suggested an emulator - but I don't know if any exist...

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