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Issue with DG Voodoo not saving configuration

Hello I have been trying to Run I76 Arsenal in glide mode for the past months to no avail using the DGVoodoo. I have noticed that When Ever I launch the dgvoodoo.exe and set the Parameters, I am unable to click ok ( does not respond) As a mater of fact not able to click cancel or about either...this …

Re: Problem with DgVoodooSetup.exe

Well I am having the same damn problem 😀 When you hit ok it should be ok ..but actually I have discovered that all the buttons along the bottom ( SAVE ,Cancel, and ABOUT do not work ( Non Clickable) I am trying to find out the answers on that issue alone.

Re: Carmageddon 3dfx under Windows 7/Vista?

in DOS
I have been having that same issue as well. except I do not get a third person view ( I do but the car is invisible) and half the screen is black and you can not see the othe Racers. When I change to cockpit view...I can not see not see the hood.

Re: Carmageddon glide?

I am having the same issue.. The glide works after I put the correct glide2x.dll from DGVoodo..how ever when Trying to play Camageddon I do not see outside view and Half the screen is Black... I have tried ajusting the ingame options undervisuals..did nothing Except you can not see the oter racers …

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