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OpenGlide Linux and QEMU KVM

Hope to see OpenGlide would continue its development to be able to host some changes I made especially for QEMU. Since many people seemed to like this game, I have added fast path for QEMU shared LFB refill in OpenGlide to be able for QEMU to run the game at *FULL* speed with all details maxed out. …

Re: DOSBox speed vs real DOS PC?

compiling my apps my k6-2-500 is way way faster than dosbox on my 4ghz intel i9700k running openwatcom on linux building the same app takes a couple of seconds... all running same version/build of openwatcom, building the same apps + libraries. dosbox on my 4ghz intel cant compete with my amd k6 …

Re: DOSBox speed vs real DOS PC?

if you use games as examples, then DOSBox emulated VGA/VBE LFB on modern PCs simply destroys anything real DOS with VGA/VBE on PCI/AGP. High-speed / multi-channels DDR3/4 memory on modern PCs with over 4GHz of CPU is faster than anything on PCI/AGP from the past 10 years or so. If you simply …

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