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Re: QEMU connected to DOSBox IPXNET

in PC Emulation
WIPXEMU dll wrapper available in 1st post. First, a word of warning: the DOSBox IPX protocol is completely insecure. There's no encryption or authentication supported. I will not be held responsible if your private network happened to leak to the outside world. Use at your own risk.

Re: QEMU connected to DOSBox IPXNET

in PC Emulation
I am really a noob in network programming, sockets and routing stuffs. I think I picked the right platform to focus. QEMU network backends are really solid, there is nothing hacky to deal with host-side networking and I just focused on guest side implementation. It took me a while to really …

Re: QEMU connected to DOSBox IPXNET

in PC Emulation
Heavy Gear 2 works, too! ;) The game does not ship with ANET IPX support, but dropping in the same WIPX2.DLL from Heavy Gear 1.2 the IPX option will show up for multiplayer. It was connected to IPXNET from mech2.org from two QEMU sessions with user-mode network backend, on the same host machine. …

QEMU connected to DOSBox IPXNET

in PC Emulation
I whipped up a version of IPXEMU that enables QEMU to connect to DOSBox IPXNET. It enables playing legacy Windows IPX multiplayer games over Internet. At the moment, I had only tested the following games, but I expected games already supported by IPXEMU should work out-of-the-box. It is technically …

Re: DJGPP faulty keyboard handler

Very cool ;) I am a VIM user and use VIM on QEMU DOS VM, too. Used to be a VIM hater in my younger life, but slowly grew to love it eventually for being a text warrior in the world of WYSIWYG glamour. I do not find it easy to upstream the fix as it touches the low-level libc core of the toolchain …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

QEMU TCG works on Ryzen for Win98 VM if the games do not require fast CPU processing. If the games work on WinME, then WinME VM will work nicely with Ryzen for QEMU KVM/WHPX, which gives a significant boost to an unimaginable CPU performance by the games from couple of decades ago. Otherwise, Intel …

Re: My GlidePC

For Athlon XP and high-speed DDR memory, perhaps Glide 2.11 -> Glide 2.4x translation could provide just enough frame rate on Voodoo5 for Mech2 3Dfx. The game now works best and *PERFECTLY* on QEMU with modern virtualization. The jumpjet recharge issue was fixed by using FPS limiter. One gets to …

Re: Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries non-Titanium version

in Windows
3-way MercsNET 1.1 Direct3D on 3 QEMU Win98 VM instances on the same machine with QEMU tuntap network backend. The I.S. Atlas is huge compared to the Clan's. Just for fun 😁, not that I have 3 sets of keyboards and mouses to be able to play on the same machine. Filename MercsNET-3Way-2.png File size …

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