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Using XPadder in DOSBox?

Hello Everyone, I finally get it running, to play archimedean Dynasty with 3DFX in WONGS DOSBox Build. Now i want to use XPADDER for using my PS4 Controller in DOSBox because i want to play on my TV and not using my Keyboard. I configured all the buttons in Xpadder Setup. Can i run Xpadder somehow …

Re: Earth 2140 runs choppy in DOSbox

I use SVN Daum DOSBox Build and these settings: core=dynamic cputype=pentium_mmx cycles=fixed 53499 I run the game in 800x600 on DOSBox. Those cycles was the highest count i could set. Higher made problems. With the config above it runs good on my computer. With 53500 i had soundproblems. 😁

Re: Alien Breed (1993) DOS

If the XMS is deactivated, i can enter the copy-protection code, hit enter and play the game - but without sound. If I activate the XMS i can also start the Game and i can enter the copy-protection code but i cant play the game cause there comes no reaction if i hit the enter key.

Alien Breed (1993) DOS

Hi, I can play the Game, but without Sound, cause of the deactivated XMS Support in my Config. If reactivate the XMS Support the Game starts but i cant check the Copyprotection Code. Any Idea? Some additional Informations: I tried SVN Daum Version, DOSBox 073,072 and 074.

Privateer 2 DOSBox Problem

Hello Guys! I want to set-up this game via dosbox because the windows patch didnt work good, cause i got crashes in the "p" pad menu if i want to save and other things. So i installed it in DOSBox. Settings in conf: core=normal cputype=auto cycles=28000 cycleup=100 cycledown=150 I can run the game …

The Chaos Engine (CD Version) Movement Problem

Hi! The regular Version works just fine. I own the CD Version of this game. This one works NOT fine. I can install it. Install means u configure the sound, graphic and controls. U have to start the game via emulated disc with the chaos.exe. I can start the game, speed, sound, graphic no problem. If …

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