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Re: movzx and movsz

I recall trying to use Bochs for a disassembly project many years ago, and it turned out that the decoding was incorrect (I ended up coupling to Nasm to get the correct disassembly). So I would suggest that as a good reference.

Re: OpenGL/OpenGL NB bug...

Personally I have been building with (free) MinGW.. as WD stated though graphics is mostly 'outsourced' to libSDL, so the problem is likely in there. It might help to try a different version of SDL.DLL. (You may have conflicting versions in %windir% and Dosbox build)

Re: Wierd problem

Hmm.. Try set the swapfile to be a fixed size (Right+Ctrl on My Computer, properties/advanced/Settings/Advanced/Change .. something like min=max =512mb on C drive, SET). Also try without a swapfile (although this will break multimedia timings)

Re: Wierd problem

Are you using a laptop or desktop? It sounds like there is an issue with the memory (either video or system). It might be as bad as the memory is having issues, or as simple as windows is sharing the program's memory pool. (Antivirus?)

Re: 0.72: cd Command Bug

Just because some people are not native English speakers, do not assume that they are being sarcastic (or hostile) as WD pointed out; Stress test the implementation until you can document what the current behaviour is doing and what it should be changed to; or submit a patch. Collecting 1000s of "cd …

Re: getting a USB-serial adapter working

Unfortunately due to some poor implementations (on the usb-serial side), some timing specific hardware will not work; I purchased about 4 usb-serial adaptors before I found one that would support some timing-sensitive apps. Dosbox can't fix poor drivers/hardware. * Ensure you are using the …

Re: Can I install ms-dos 6.22 inside dosbox?

I may be stating the obvious, but it is Dosbox's goal to replace dos in general. Consider the prompt you see (graphically) as the same dos version 2..7 prompt. The only reason you may wish to boot disk images is to load device drivers or specific environments (not everything in dos is emulated.. yet …

Re: Distorted sound after defrag

The problem may be with your Windows mixer -- it buffers (& mixes) audio to the harddisk (somewhere between 4 - 100mb at a time); depending on the drivers, it may allow some tweaking. Check free space too! Also try get a fresh copy of the various support .DLL files, as there may be a "sector …

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