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Back from nowhere

Hey all, Well, I hope to be back working on OpenGLide, can someone with crashing problems send me the OpenGLid.log file? The one generated with the debug version. This way I can at least try to understand what is happening. Ohh, by the way, I am the author of OpenGLide for the ones that don't know, …

no MMX, out!!!!

Well, MMX is the standard these days, all CPUs in use has them so I think we can put MMX as a requirement in OpenGLide, we check for its existence and them warns the user if the CPU has no support for it, but damn, we cannot run OpenGLide in anything less than an k6-2 in our days and the only CPUs …

I think I fixed

Hey all, thanks for teh reply, I released another file, this one is Release Candidade 1, so, if this one is ok I will release it... 😀 Try it on TR inventory and see if it is ok, please. Craig, on the Croc stuff, I will need to think a little better to remove the transparency problem.

Holy shit

Damn, What did I done? Now lots of games that did not work before are great, Wing Commander Prophecy, Descent FreeSpace and a lot of others are RUNNING GREAT. Please people try the new release out and tell me teh results, try it with games that did not work and that worked, try TR and others... …

Re: 0.09 Alpha 7 Release

Thanks Paul, I think I found the problem, it is exactly in the chroma keying, I changed the way palettes are handled but did not changed the ApplyKeyToPalette function. UPDATE: Wrong, the problem was in the ChromakeyValue function and not in the Apply... I will be releasing and 0.09 Alpha 8 right …

0.09 Alpha 7 Release

Check it out, see if this fix the problem with TR and with others, I am speeding the code a lot, these may not imply a direct speed in games as they control the timing but I am sure less overhead means greater smooth playing... 😀 Post your finds here.

Re: Where are you?

Great, That is one information I really need to know, I am just playing with it so now I know what is the correct way... 😜 I will update a new alpha 6 version soon, with this fix, if anyone care to test Croc too with the new version I would appreciate.

Where are you?

Where are you guys? No one writes here anymore, I need some feedback on the stuff I am writing. I just released another 0.09 alpha and this one should fix all those OpenGL 1.1 stuff (Voodoo owners). I did some really fast MMX routines so the texture impact is lowered.

Re: Bug fixes and speed-up *PICS*

EnablePrecisionFix should be set to 1 most of the times, if your board supports 24/32 bit z-buffer then OpenGLide will automactily not use the precision fix. It is something like this: if the current z-buffer is over 16bits then disables precision_fix else if the user has enabled precision_fix …

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