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Re: Remastering games, is it really worth it?

in Milliways
Remaster generally means keeping all the original assets (with possibly minor texture improvements) and not significantly changing the gameplay, while allowing the game to run at a higher resolution and on modern platforms. Remake means a complete overhaul of the original game using all new assets …

Re: Voodoo2:SLI cable - maximum length?

Sphere478 wrote on 2022-12-29, 18:48: How long do you need it? How many slot spaces? About 20 cm... The cards are not installed in a standard motherboard, there's a pci "riser" and I have pci slots on both sides and I want to use both sides. That way I can see a side for each V2 card.

Voodoo2:SLI cable - maximum length?

What is the maximum length of a SLI cable for a pair of Voodoo2 cards? I don't think there's an official answer, since (I think) all cards came with the same cable. Has anyone tried a custom cable that's longer than the standard cable? Any issues?

Re: Your opinion on the ATi Rage IIC and Rage Pro

I had an ATI Rage Pro Turbo as my first 3D accelerator. It was on a PII-300 with 64 MB of RAM in 1998, and it was simultaneously a revelation and a source of pain. The 2D quality was spectacular, and a lot of 3D games looked... well, good enough. But it never could do alpha blending properly, no …

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